Vienna Cocktail
NEW! Vienna Legend (2-4cl) in a glass filled with ice, orange juice and a splash of lime juice to it - into a shaker with a straw and enjoy a beautiful decoration.

Vienna Legend
Take a fine liqueur glass, opening with a tulip shape to give the liqueur a chance to be whole bouquet. Now
fill in Vienna Legend slowly, sip by sip, just to let the receptors in the mouth on the tongue can taste the whole range of the flavors.

Gold Legend
Simply refine Vienna Legend with champagne, sparkling wine or Prosecco

Red Legend
Vienna Legend mixed with Red Bull!

Hot Legend
Vienna Legend slightly heat (do not boil!), pour into a glass with whipped cream and cinnamon and enjoy

Vienna Legend Zombie
2 cl White Rum, Dark Rum 2 cl, 2cl Vienna Legend liqueur 8 cl pineapple juice, Grenadine 1 cl, 2 cl 80% Owerproof rum

Vienna `s b>
2 oz Dark rum, passion fruit syrup 2 cl, 2 cl Vienna Legend liqueur 8 cl Ananssaft.

Planter's Legend
2 cl Bacardi, 2 cl Vienna Legend liqueur, 2 cl Grenadine 6 cl orange juice.