Many thanks to the President of the Association of Carinthian Sommelier Peter Ladinig from Institute of Drinks, for the tasting and below the profile description of Vienna Legend !

Vienna Legend

Red liqueur from red wine, rum, sugar and alcohol, 15,5 Vol%.-Alc.
Producer: Erich and Christine Kohlhofer from Vienna

Attractive, modern and simple. Speaks both young and old to.

Ruby red with slight purple hues or bright, almost clear edge.

Rumaromat, vanilla, caramel, light spice, a hint of oranges.

Fruity, sweet, embedded rum, light acidity, caramel and vanilla on the palate again. Is a bit like mulled wine. Very pleasant to drink. The aroma and flavor are integrated nicely.

Vienna Legend is a new liqueur at the Austrian market with much potential.
Stylish appearance of design to the taste. Fine vanilla and caramel are already on the nose and palate, you can find both. The rum and spirits are not in the forefront, which leaves room for the quality of red wines. The red wine liqueur can be enjoyed very well, both pure and in cocktails. One drink for young and old.

The only drawback to this product is the cork. Unfortunately, he can only be opened with a corkscrew, and is not suitable for the catering. A cork which can be closed again in this regard would be clearly in the foreground.

Note Vienna Legend: We take the criticism of the cork with thanks and are already looking for a suitable closure.